Harbaugh-Thomas Community Room


The Community Room is the largest meeting room in the library and offers a comfortable, high-tech environment for meetings and gatherings. The room may be used for free by not-for-profit groups upon approval, and for a $60 fee including a $35 reservation deposit for private individuals and businesses.

Library Branch
Harbaugh-Thomas Library

The Community Room includes a recently upgraded mounted projector, a new integrated sound system and a large screen. Ceiling speakers throughout the room ensure excellent sound quality from all seats. Presenters can use a standing microphone, a hand-held microphone or a lapel microphone. A laptop, a DVD player, and a remote control pointer clicker are available. There is also an adaptor that allows the playing of music through the sound system from devices such as a smart phone or MP3 player.

There is a large whiteboard on the wall, a portable whiteboard on an easel, whiteboard markers, and a podium available for use.

The room contains a sink and a dorm-sized refrigerator.


The room is typically set up with a total of five 7’ x 2’ rectangular tables along the side walls, and fifty chairs facing forward in rows.

Please let us know when making a reservation if more chairs and tables are required, and we will place them in the room for you to arrange. If you would like library and Harbaugh-Thomas Foundation personnel to set up and tear down the furniture according to your specifications there is an additional $30 fee.