Sterner Family Endowment Springs Eternal

lil green thumbs.jpg

Thanks to the Gary & Susan Sterner Building Endowment at the library, our storytime friends were able to help plant our learning gardens this week. Funds earned from the endowment in 2017 were used to purchase tools and flowers needed to have our learning garden grow. Our littlest library users are encouraged to water their flowers whenever they are in the library this summer!

There are still a few larger naming rights left in our new library, including:

$200,000 to name our Children's Department

$100,000 to name our Circulation area

You can name these areas in honor of or in memory of a loved one or group and help us "demolish our debt".

Endowments of any amount over $1,000 can always be started and added to at any time to improve the financial footing of the library.

Thanks to the Sterners and all of our 40 Named Endowment holders for improving our library now and in the future!