Freedom of choice at the library

As a librarian and especially at this time of year, I think about how lucky our county’s residents are to have access to free libraries.  I grew up in a family that valued libraries.  I do not remember a time when I did not use a library regularly.  My family did not own many books, instead we borrowed our reading material from the public library.  My mother always told me that I would only read the book once, so I should borrow it instead!  Yes, she was correct and even now space on my bookshelf at home is restricted to a few books that I truly treasure.

The Adams County Library System offers a wide variety of materials on a wide variety of topics.  The Library System works diligently to provide library materials and programs to meet the needs and interests of all county residents.  Freedom of information is key to our vision of every life fulfilled.

And that leads us to our mission of connecting people to opportunities that enrich their lives…

The Adams County Library System is a great resource for parents like mine, who value reading and work to instill that in their children, perhaps by reading aloud every day or by participating in storytimes at the library.  And while the ACLS provides year-round programing for children, summer brings an abundance of opportunities for families to take part in many programs at all six locations.  Our state recently coordinated a change in Pennsylvania libraries from a traditional summer reading program to a summer learning program. This year’s theme is a Universe of Stories to focus on the 50th anniversary of the first moonwalk.

Summer Quest still encourages reading or listening every day, but it also encourages everyone to participate in hands-on activities and in the form of GO Adams, to get outdoors and take part in some physical exercise.  Just this week, children have participated in cupcake wars, designed space capsules to protect eggs from breaking when tossed out a second floor window and visited a planetarium at Bermudian Springs High School to share stories of the stars and where to find them in the night sky.  There is much more to come throughout the summer, check out our events calendar at

Summer Quest and libraries are for adults as well.  The Library is full of popular materials, from books to free wifi.  And there is learning and fun to be had as well.  Schedule an appointment with a staff member for personalized tech help.  Read the 2019 Adams County Reads One Book selection, What The Dead Leave Behind.  Visit the Gettysburg Library today, yes today July 5, to view the silent film A Trip to the Moon (1901) which will be shown throughout the day.  Register online to attend the full-dome space presentation at Gettysburg College's Hatter Planetarium on July 23.  Join a knitting group, cookbook club or the Friends of the Library.  Again, there is more to come, see the events calendar at

As we end the 4th of July celebration week, think about the excellent freedom we all have to think and learn as we wish.  Plan a visit to the library and we’ll help you find whatever it is you choose to learn!

Laura Goss, Executive Director