cloudLibrary: A Closer Look

     The cloudLibrary is your one stop for eBooks and eAudiobooks.  Currently, there are over 15,000 titles available in the collection for you to browse and check out, and read or listen to.  Regular users of the cloudLibrary know that we add new eBook titles every week and eAudioook titles monthly, so there’s always something new for you to find.
     When you log into the cloudLibrary app, you will see our Featured Shelves.  The top three shelves are our new eBook shelves; these are where you’ll find those titles that have just been added to the collection.  You will then see the New Audiobooks shelf which is always updating as new audiobooks are added to the collection.  Under these New Shelves, you will find a shelf of the most popular titles that have been checked out during the week.
     If you continue to scroll down the Featured Shelves screen, you will then come across a variety of shelves that are organized by genre or are special seasonal shelves that we have created for you.  Currently, you’ll find a seasonal Summer Reading shelf of eBooks and eAudiobooks that are a little beachy or summery in theme.  Genres that we have created shelves for include Romance, Mystery/Suspense, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, Biographies/Autobiographies, True Crime, and more.  The titles found on these shelves are older, but still fabulous reads.
     If you want to see our entire collection, you can always use the Browse feature.  In Browse, you can scroll through our entire collection by genre, and narrowing further by subgenres.  If you’re a Mystery/Detective reader, you can narrow the Mystery/Detective genre into Private Investigators, Amateur Sleuth, Police Procedural, Cozy and more.
     You can customize the app, setting it up to show you the type of material you’re interested in.  By going into the Filter area of the app, you can choose what format the app shows you.  If you’re not intestered in eBooks and only want to see eAudiobooks, uncheck the box by eBooks.  If you want to see only the titles that are currently available to check out, uncheck All Titles and check Available Now.  
     Currently, you can have 15 eBooks or eAudiobooks checked out at a time and 10 holds.  All eBooks and eAudiobooks check out for 3 weeks.  As long as there are no holds on the titles that you have checked out, renewals are available.  If there are no holds, three days before the title is automatically returned, a Renew option will show up under the book cover in the My Books area.  Click on that button, and the title will check out for another three weeks.
     The cloudLibrary works on smartphones, laptops and tablets.  If you have the app downloaded onto multiple devices, you can pick up any of them and continue to read or listen to a book from where you left off.  Just make sure that you’re logged into the same account.
     If you have any questions about the cloudLibrary, you can contact the Adams County Library of your choice to set up a          One-on-One Tech Help session and one of our staff members will be happy to assist you.


Happy Reading!


Submitted by Sara Edmiston, Community Relations Librarian