cloudLibrary Update

     You’re aware that the cloudLibrary by bibliotheca is the Adams County Library System’s exclusive platform for eBooks and eAudiobooks, offering you one convenient place to search for eBooks and eAudiobooks.  The signup is super easy, the app is simple to use and you can personalize your reading experience.  All you need is a library card.
     A redesign of the cloudLibrary app is coming soon – most likely in February.  While the look of the app is going to change, the ease of use is not going to go away.  That is important to us.
     The browsing and selection process is simple and can be done within a few simple clicks.  You can select one of our featured titles or browse the collection of over 14,000 titles by your favorite category.  Once you check out a title, it is immediately accessible on your personal bookshelf.  We have recently increased the number of titles that you can have checked out of the cloudLibrary to 15.
     One of the best things about the cloudLibrary is that there are no overdues and no fines.  You have the opportunity to return eBooks and eAudiobooks once you’re finished with them, but if you choose not to do so, the app will return your book to the collection at the end of the three weeks.  You don’t need to worry about a thing.
     Not finished with your book?  As long as no one else has the title on hold, you will have the opportunity to renew the title for another three weeks.  Three days before the book’s due date, if the title is available to be renewed, you will see a Renew option pop up under the book’s cover on your shelf.  Click the renew button and the title will re-download to your device.  That’s all there is to it.
     The cloudLibrary app is perfect for your daily commute.  The cloudLibrary automatically syncs to any device that you have the cloudLibrary app downloaded on.  You can easily start listening to an eAudiobook on your phone while driving to work and continue listening later on your tablet or computer – picking up right where you left off.
     Did you know that you can use the cloudLibrary app as your library card?  If you’re visiting one of our branches and realize that you’ve left your library card at home, but have the cloudLibrary app downloaded on to your phone, you can pull your virtual library card up in the cloudLibrary app for us to scan.  
     Have fun with the cloudLibrary.  We order new eBooks every Friday and order eAudiobooks regularly.  If you have any issues with the app before or after the redesign, don’t hesitate to contact us.  Our staff will be happy to schedule a One-on-One Tech Help appointment to guide you through the cloudLibrary or any of our other digital resources.

Submitted by Sara Edmiston, Community Relations Librarian