eAudio Book Changes

     As you are aware, the Adams County Library currently uses two different platforms for our eBooks and eAudio Books – RBDigital and cloudLIbrary.  Currently, the majority of our e-Audio Book titles are found within RBDigital, but that is soon about to change.   We are now in the process of moving our e-Audio Collection into the cloudLibrary and discontinuing the use of RBDigital.  This change will be finalized by November 15th of this year.
     Why are we doing this?  We are trying to make using our eLibrary easier for you by having only one platform.  That way, everything is in one place and it makes for easier browsing.  Also, eAudio titles in the cloudLibrary are DRM encryption free.  This means that, unlike with RBDigital, there should be no issues with transferring eAudio titles to basic mp3 players.  
     How will this affect you?  Starting now, you should begin to look for eAudio Books in the cloudLibrary instead of RBDigital.  We do have a Featured Shelf of Audio Books immediately as you log into the app.  You will be able to find even more titles by searching in cloudLibrary or just looking through genres in the Browse feature.  Thanks to the fact that we have connected our cloudLibrary collection to Bucks County’s collection, there are more than 2,000 eAudio titles available in the cloudLibrary for you to check out and enjoy.
     At the beginning of November, we will be turning off the ability to place holds on titles in RBDigital.  Those who already have holds on titles will not lose them.  Holds will transfer with the title into the cloudLibrary, so you will not lose your place in line.  Don’t currently use the cloudLibrary, there’s no need to worry about that.  Since cloudLibrary accounts are barcode based, your hold will wait on the title until you log into the cloudLibrary.
     Haven’t used the cloudLibrary before?  We offer One-on-One Tech Help at all of our libraries!  Just call the library of your choice to make an appointment, and one of our staff members will be happy to sit down with you and show you how to download and use the cloudLibrary, or any other resource that the library provides.
     The transition from RBDigital to cloudLibrary will be completed by November 15th.  As this date gets closer, we will have more information available on the transition.  We will also be purchasing an increasing number of eAudio titles in the cloudLibrary, making our collection more robust and interesting.

Submitted by Sara Edmiston, Community Relations Librarian.