What's New at the Library

Here is a look at some of the DVDs recently added to the adult collection at the library. If you’ve missed a new movie or television program, wish to revisit an old favorite, or are looking for something completely different, stop by and browse through our selection of videos. They are all available to borrow free of charge. 

New programs about science and nature include “Death Dive to Saturn,” which looks at the history of NASA’s Cassini space probe and its final hours as it plunged into the atmosphere of Saturn. “Earth’s Natural Wonders: Life at the Extremes” is the second season of the series by PBS showing the impact natural formations have on their inhabitants. “Killer Volcanoes” examines the research into a possible volcanic eruption in medieval times that may have been responsible for a wave of famine and death across Europe. “First Civilizations” looks at archaeological evidence revealing how and why early humans banded together and created communities. “Midwest Heartland” features over a dozen national parks and monuments located across the American Midwest.

New biographical programs include “Canaletto & the Art of Venice,” exploring the life of the eighteenth-century Italian artist through his works on display in Buckingham Palace. “Victorian Rebel, Marianne North” profiles an English botanical artist and biologist who traveled the world in order to accurately document plants in their native environment. “Bill Nye: Science Guy” profiles the scientist and television-show host on a mission to generate and promote interest in science.

Other documentary programs include “America: Promised Land” tracing how the United States has been populated by various ethnic groups, their contributions to our history, and the challenges they have overcome. “Understanding the Opioid Epidemic” looks at opioid drug use in America and its devastating impact on families and communities.  “Real Story: Pirates of the Caribbean” looks at some true pirate tales that inspired the making of the film.  In the same series is “Real Story: True Grit” exploring the accuracy of the film in portraying life in the Old West. 

New releases of television programs include “Celtic Thunder X,” a program filmed last year in Dublin featuring a mix of new and traditional songs. “Little Women” is the recent production airing on PBS telling the story of the March family set during the Civil War.
We have a few new releases from the popular Hallmark Channel including “Darrow & Darrow,” the first in a series about a lawyer who solves mysteries.   “A Dash of Love” is a light-hearted romance about two chefs trying to open a restaurant together. “The Perfect Bride” is another romance about a counselor who ends up healing herself through helping others. 

Upcoming film releases to look forward to include “Book Club,” “Deadpool 2,” “Ghost Stories,” “Hearts Beat Loud,” “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,” “Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War,” “Ocean’s 8,” “A Quiet Place,” and “Solo: a Star Wars Story.”

All of these titles and many more are available to you with your library card.

Submitted by Annette DeFuso, Technical Services Librarian