Booktalk: The Voice of David McCullough, Part II, Monday, June 25

Booktalk is a monthly discussion group for those interested in current and cultural topics in general and literary subjects in particular. Booktalk usually meets on the last Monday of the month at 12 pm on the third floor of the Gettysburg Library.  All programs are free and open to the public.
    Once again on June 25, Mr. David McCullough, renowned historian of the American people who has been honored with many literary prizes as well as The Presidential Medal of Freedom, will voice a CD of several of his commencement speeches which he has collected under the title “The American Spirit: Who We Are and What We Stand For.”
    With “Civlization and the City” McCullough points out to the 1994 graduating class of the Univesity of Pittsburgh  that both the university and the city have a long mutual history.  He also states that the  American way of life  requires  such a “beautiful cooperative synergy.”  He proposes two programs “a pseudo Marshall Plan to begin the work of rebuilding American cities, starting with Pittsburgh; and an enlarged program of studies where students may pore over the city’s history.”  Incidentally, Pittsburgh is McCullough’s hometown.  Mine, too.
    In his address at Dickinson College in 1998 Mr. McCullough was the commencement speaker at the 200th anniversary of the college.  With “The Animated Spirit” Mr. McCullough gives special praise to Benjamin Rush: signer of the Declaration  of Independence, an early ardent abolitonist, a devotee of universal public education, devoted physician and a founder of Dickinson College---“He [Rush] has set a standard for the world, --goodwill, curiosity and  commitment.”
  Mr. McCullough is certainly a stellar spokesperson for America.  His books include  “ John  Adams,” “Truman,” “Brave Companions,” and  “The Johnstown Flood” among others.
  Again, the program will begin at 12 pm  on the third floor of the Gettysburg Library.  Allow  one and a half hours for the program which will include a discussion period. – Booktalk will not meet in July and August.

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Submitted by Bob Appleton, Library Volunteer.