Seeking Summer Quest Adventure? Beachy Reads? Peachy Prizes?

     Let the Littlestown Library delight you with Summer Quest, beachy reads, treasure hunt and peachy prize adventures!
What’s the story of Summer Quest? Drop in, learn more with the unique Summer Quest musical video led by Mr. George.  Think you are king of the ‘air guitar’?   You haven’t seen anything yet!  Be ready to rock with laughter, roll with music, and jump into your adventure quest.
     Summer Quest is for families and kids of all ages. Everyone can explore and learn more with each fun activity.  Fantastic tales and adventures await you. Get outdoors, explore nature, history, ride a horse or bike for a different view. Also, reading is still an important treasure of the hunt.  Earn prizes, from badges to baseball tickets to rubber ducky pals and beyond.  
     Ready to start?  No more paper, no more frowns, no more “I forgot” to write reading time down!  Summer Quest registration and logging is online. Register once, that’s it; then, you’re ready to earn badges, read books, write reviews, track your quest and treasures all summer long.   Sign up now – look for the Summer Quest link on the Adams County Library web site (  Prefer a helping hand? Please visit the Littlestown Library for help and to pick up prizes.
Loved last year’s GO Adams treasure hunt to find all the special locations?  Try out the 2018 GO Adams hunt for a truly musical adventure.  March to your own tune, or follow the clever notes to find more for a better score.  Pick up your 2018 GO Adams treasure guide, rubbing sheet and set off to your own beat.
     Unique events await you at the Littlestown Library.  In June, “Make Your Own” musical instruments and learn with local musicians.  In July, discover secrets of cryptic codes, super spy ciphers and how you can (can!) talk with a string.  Make more instruments (rockin’ wristlets, tambourines, drum sticks) for your band. In August, discover Littlestown’s More Famous Sushi Secrets with Ms. Kat.
     Questing can be hot work in the summer; jump into a book for a refreshing read.  At the shore, at the pool, or in your backyard, relax with peachy, beachy reads for all ages.  Explore the mysteries of magical marine creatures – blue crabs, seahorses or squirmy sea shells – with sunny, seaside story books for toddlers and early learners.  Seek out new worlds, new places, new foods, and go somewhere you haven’t gone before – these await at your Littlestown Library.  
     Books slim and small, thick and tall, filled with words, pictures and songs – each abounds with adventure.   Kids can explore stories or factual books that can last the whole summer long.  Facts or fiction help chase those ‘we there yet’ blues away.  Teens and adults may read more for less with tales of intrigue, mystery, science fiction or romance, in easy to pack and carry paperbacks.   Prefer audiobooks or e-book convenience?  Littlestown Library has books, movies and music on CDs, DVD, in our virtual e-library and more, all for your leisure fun.
     Join the Summer Quest now!  Come on by, register for programs, pickup your rewards, or pack a bag full of reading, musical and movie travel fun.  Littlestown Library’s friendly staff hope to see you soon.  Visit the Littlestown Library, 232 N. Queen Street, call (717) 359-0446 or visit the branch page at . 

Submitted by by Valli Hoski, Branch Manager, Littlestown Library